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Complex but also a bestseller, A Little Life has been one of the finest novels which were released in 2015. This is a Bildungsroman and a Domestic Fiction book written by Hanya Yanagihara. The novel was subjected to criticism due to the longer length of the album and difficulty of the subject which made it difficult to understand. It still became a bestseller and if you want to read it, download A Little Life Pdf right now from our website. A summary and review of A Little Life are given ahead.

A Little Life Pdf


A Little Life Summary & Review:

A Little Life is the story of four friends who live in New York City. The story’s main focus is on Jude who is a very complex character with a very mysterious backstory. He has unexplained health issues and a peculiar behavior which his friends and other people cannot seem to comprehend.

The story of the book mostly revolves around Jude because he gets all the love from his friends and has a good life but somehow he can’t seem to let go of his mysterious past which other people don’t know about. The devil of the past haunt him all the time and he is seen disturbed all the time.

The book is appreciated for its characters and deep storyline. People have argued over how beautifully the book explores all the characters. The main character in the story, Jude, is appreciated because it is well and deeply written.

On the Good Reads, the book holds a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and is received well by the critics.

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