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Even though ‘Between the World and Me’ is an autobiography of an American Author Ta-Nehisi Coates but it is written in the format of a letter which goes to his son. For Blacks, remaining an American citizen has been a challenge especially in the 20th century so the writer shares his experience with his son in which he explains the realities, feelings, and the symbolism which are attached being a Black American. To get the book, download Between the World and Me Pdf right now from our website.

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Between the World and Me Review:

Every Father would want to teach his children the realities he has faced throughout his life so that his race many benefits from those life-changing experiences. America is one of those countries where Black people have suffered a lot due to the consequences of racism put forth by the people in power. Even though Democracy has solved a lot of problems for them, there are still some underlying issues which are affecting the life people Black People living in America.

Between the World and Me is an honest attempt by an honest Author and Father who has written a letter in the form of his autobiography to his son to teach him the harsh realities which the Black people face in the USA. The book is about the feelings of the author, symbolism, and the realities which a father wants to share with his son.

Between the World and Me Quotes:

Some of the most famous quotes from the book are:

I would not have you descend into your own dream. I would have you be a conscious citizen of this terrible and beautiful world.

You are growing into consciousness, and my wish for you is that you feel no need to constrict yourself to make other people comfortable.

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