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There is a queer sequence about the book written by Paulo Coelho. Most of his books talk about the concept of exploration and search for various things a human being wants such as knowledge, wealth, treasures, and himself. Brida is another book which he wrote in 1990 and covers the story of Brida, an Irish girl in search of knowledge. A free Brida Pdf is available for download the end of this blog.

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Brida Summary:

When you set out in search of knowledge, you are always going to meet many people who will teach you certain things you will never forget. Brida, on her quest to search for knowledge, also meets a lot of teachers and spiritual guides who opened her to the secrets of the spiritual world and how those secrets are related to men themselves. There are many lessons for Brida to learn and the most important of them is to know the goodness that exists in the world and believe in it no matter what happens. Also, there are many lessons in her quests about how she can overcome her fears. Brida is like a self-help book in which a narrative is explained.

Brida Pdf Review:

Preceded by the Alchemist, Brida received positive reviews from the readers and critics and ended up scoring 3.5 out of 5 till this date. Before the release of its successor, there were many concepts in the book where weren’t understood and when the Alchemist got released, it explained a lot more about Brida. Thus we recommend that you reach both of them in the asked order.

Brida Pdf Features:

Listed below are some of the major features of the book:

  • All the Brida e-book formats are available for free download.
  • This book is a predecessor to the masterpiece like the Alchemist.
  • Tells the most exciting tale of an Irish girl in search of knowledge.

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