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Cannery Row is a very interesting novel written by American author John Steinbeck. Cannery Row was published in the year of 1945. The story of the novel is set in the times of the Great Depression in Monterey, California, on a street lined with sardine canneries which is known as Cannery Row. The story of the novel revolves around various people living there: “Lee Chong, local grocer, Doc, a marine biologist, and Mack: the leader of a group of derelict people. You can download Cannery Row PDF at the end.

Cannery Row PDF


Review of Cannery Row:

The Actual location Steinbeck of the novel was writing about, Ocean View Avenue in Monterey was renamed “Cannery Row” in honor of the novel. Cannery Row was adapted for a featured film which was released in the year of 1982 while its stage version was released in 1995. The major characters of the story are Chinaman, Eddie, Hazel, Mack, Dora Flood, Doc and Lee Chong. The novel contains ideas of Nostalgia, Overcoming superficial views of people, Prostitutes, Contentment and Camaraderie. Cannery Row is loved by the readers and experts from around the world because of its creative work and amazing themes which shows the bitter reality of our world.

Features of Cannery Row pdf:

  • Cannery Row is written by well known John Steinbeck.
  • The novel belongs to the genre of Regional slice of life.
  • Cannery Row is published by Viking Press in the United States.
  • Cannery Row is published in January 1945.
  • Cannery Row is available in Hardcover and paperback format.
  • In Hardcover form the novel consists of 208 pages while in paperback it contains 181 pages.
  • Cannery Row is preceded by The Moon Is Down.
  • The novel is followed by The Pearl novel which is also a very useful novel for readers.

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