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Crime and Punishment is a well known Russian novel written by well-known writer Fydor Dostoevsky. The novel was published in the literary journal The Russian Messenger in 1866 in twelve monthly instalments. The novel was later on published in a single volume. Crime and Punishment is the 2nd of the author full-length novels which represent his ten years of time in exile in Siberia. Crime and Punishment is considered to be the greatest novel of Fydor Dostoevsky mature period of writing. You can download Crime and Punishment PDF at the end.

Crime and Punishment PDF


Review of Crime and Punishment:

After its publication, the novel has achieved various valuable achievements in world literature. The novel revolves around mental anguish and moral dilemmas of Rodion Raskolnikov, who was an ex-student in Saint Petersburg and makes a plan to kill a pawnbroker for money. Before the killing, he thinks that he can get her money and change his faith and do good deeds with it. But once he killed the lady and gets her money he finds himself in a state of confusion, disgust and paranoia for his killing.

Features of Crime and Punishment pdf:

  • The novel was written by the well known Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
  • The novel was written in the Russian language.
  • The novel comes under the Genre of Psychological fiction and philosophical novel.
  • The novel was published by The Russian Messenger which is a well-known publisher of Russia.
  • The novel was published in the year 1866 and 1867.
  • The novel represents the real situation which a murderer faces after his crime.
  • The novel is loved by the readers from around the world and is nominated for various awards.
  • The novel got a separate place in the world’s literature and reviewed by experts from around the world.

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