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Paulo Coelho is the top writer I would want to read every time. Well, there are many reasons behind the fact. Take this book Eleven Minutes as an example. Most of the erotic stories you would read are written just for your pleasure. Many people who started reading Eleven Minutes as an erotic story, they ended up learning many important things about love. That is actually the greatness of Paulo who uses amazing stories to give us important lessons in life. Eleven Minutes is a story of a prostitute who travels from Brazil to reach a new place and find new life. How she could have known what would happen to her? She wasn’t a prostitute at first, but life made or her search for her love. You can download the free Eleven Minutes Pdf at the end of this article. Let us know summarize and review this book.

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About the Author Paulo Coelho:

This man needs no introduction. Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian author, philanthropist, and one of the greatest novelists ever lived. He is known for many great books including The Alchemist, The Zahir, Eleven Minutes, the Pilgrimage and much more. Paulo is one of the very few writers to have their books translated into more than 100 languages all across the world. He is known for his beautiful way of writing amazing stories in which he teaches important things. Each of his stories contains a moral lesson and that is taught via some beautiful story. Take Eleven Minutes and if you have read The Al Chemist, as an example. He is my favorite author ever and I will hope to see him releasing more books in the future. Now you are about to read the summary and review for the Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho.

Eleven Minutes Summary:

Maria lives in Brazil in Rio and she is a nice young girl. As she grows up, she falls in love with a boy. She describes love as the best feeling she has ever felt. But later in the story, the boy breaks her heart and she is left heartbroken. She then decided never to fall in love with anyone and making a new life by moving to Switzerland. Since she is beautiful and young, she starts working in a nightclub where she becomes a famous prostitute outshining all others. Now she only finds pleasure in sex and for her, sex is the only true love. However, sometimes her heart feels heavy and she thinks that it is not right. This is not true love, she thinks. She hopes to find a new love once again but who would love a prostitute because they only want her for sex.

Later, while still working as a prostitute, she meets a man who is a painter. They look at each other and start liking each other. Then they start talking and as the time passes, Maria falls in love with him. For her, the love has reborn and she feels amazing. However, she is not sure whether he loves her or not. They meet, talk, and have a good time but sex is not an option in the man’s case. Finally, the day comes she had been waiting for. The man decides to have sex with her but the experience this time she had was something she had never expected. The relationship with this man changes her whole life. Did he really love her or for him, she was just another object? After all these confusing events, they finally meet each other forever and how? Well, you got to read that.

Eleven Minutes Pdf Review:

Erotic, full or moral lessons, insight on love and life, this book is full of such things. An amazing story lived by amazing characters and the scenes in the book are so heart-clenching that you wouldn’t want to stop reading. The way story goes, it is just a minor example of the author of the Al Chemist. If you ever wanted to read a story full of love, sex, and the real meaning of love, find all of that in the book. The genius of Paulo Coelho take the things to a next level. When I started reading this book, I thought there are going to be some really erotic moods. However, when I really read it, I was just amazed. And that is something normal for the readers of Paulo because this is what he is. The man would stun each time you read him.

Download Eleven Minutes Pdf Free:

Finding the hard copy of this book wouldn’t be any difficult at the library or in the market. Both soft and hard copies of the book are available. If you have bought the hard copy then it is fine but still you want the soft copy as well then it is just prime. Download Eleven Minutes ebook Pdf free right now from our website. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback about this article. Also, keep visiting our website for free pdfs and book reviews.

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