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Non-fiction books are some of the most interesting books if you are having the thirst to read the reality. One of the biggest and the most common trends of today is Fast Food. And the book we are talking about is also going to discuss the fast food as well. Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal is a very important and a very interesting book as well. Not only the serious matter is discussed in the book but the way of discussion of the author makes it even more interesting and amazing as well.

Talking about the main theme of the book, The book is going to tell us about the influence of the fast food industry. We are talking about the influence here and as we all know that the fast food trend is growing more and more quickly across all around the globe. And there is a strong influence of this trend on all the earth. So this book is telling us about this same influence, and not only in America but on the whole world as well. There are very interesting features of the book. Like there are two major portions of the book. Making it very much easy and efficient to read and understand the content as well. All you need to do is just download and start reading the book and you are good to go.


About Author Eric Mattew Schlosser:

The writer of “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal” is an American author. Eric Matthew Schlosser is not only a very good author but he is a well-known journalist as well. There is much more differentiating him from the ordinary authors. The author we are talking about is also an investigative journalist as well. Which makes this book more and more interesting and amazing as well.

Features of Fast Food Nation pdf:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • The original publication date of the book is 17th January 2001.
  • The United States is the original publication place of the book.
  • There are 288 pages of the book.

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