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If you have read A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R. R. Martin or watched Game of Thrones which is an HBO series based on the same books, you must be quite familiar with the name of House Targaryen. Well, this house has been a major part of A Game of Thrones and if you want to know their actual history, you should get the Fire and Blood Pdf from our site which is a new fantasy book by the same author. We shall move ahead and review the book.

Fire and Blood Pdf

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Fire and Blood Summary:

Fire and Blood talk about the origin and history of House Targaryen which is a major family in A Song of Ice and Fire saga. The book talks about their origin which happens in Valyria and also the Doom of Valyria after which the Targaryen house attacked the seven kingdoms to become their rulers. The lore and history are too long and you will love reading about them.

The book also discusses all the magic which happened during the age of dragons in the books. You will come to know about the origin of dragons and how they are associated with this house. You will even learn how the Iron Throne was forged in the first place.

Fire and Blood Review:

A regular reader of A Song of Ice and Fire series would definitely love this book. Since the story of the books is too complex and there are many unanswered questions about many great houses, you will definitely learn the answers related to House Targaryen.

The book was received well by the readers and critics who appreciated the book for its lore and accuracy. On the Goodreads, the book has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 which is given to it by thousands of readers. You can also get Fire and Blood e-book from our site.

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