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The concept of feminism and other things related to the women including the me-too campaign and the female anger have been the problems which have gained a worldwide voice and recognition due to the strength at their core. Covering such voices, Rebecca Traister is an American writer who has written a couple of very successful books including, Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger. To get the Good and Mad Pdf, click the free link given at the end.

Good and Mad Pdf

Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger Review:

The discussion of gender discrimination has forever remained alive in our society. Fortunately, now the print and electronic media have reached new standards and in the recent years if there is one voice which has really made its points well is Rebecca’s. She has been regarded as, “the most brilliant voice of feminism in this country” by an author like Anna Lamott.

In this book, Rebecca shares her insight on the concept of women anger which has somehow become a matter of public conversation. But, before there were successful campaigns like Me-Too, such voices would be converted into such political agenda or controversy that the real soul of the matter would get pressed and we saw no outcomes in the past.

She discusses the dilemma and the hypocrisy of our society which totally reacts differently to women’s anger and the same reaction is not seem over the men’s anger. Though the anger, regardless of the gender, is a concept which should be received the same. The Rebecca’s choice of words for raising the matter have been magical.

She also discusses how a reaction like women’s anger was used as political fuel in the past instead of producing positive results favoring the gender. On the Good Reads, the book scored amazing marks up to 4.5 out of 5.

Download Good and Mad Pdf Free:

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