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I Am Legend is among the best post-apocalyptic horror novel of 1954 written by American author Richard Matheson. I Am Legend is very influential in the modern development of Zombie and vampire literature and in popularizing the idea of worldwide apocalypse because of a deadly virus. I Am Legend is an immediate success and is adapted for films various times such as: I Am Legend published in 2007, The Omega Man published in 1971, and The Last Man on Earth published in 1964. Night of the Living Dead novel published in 1968 is inspired form this epic novel of Richard Matheson. You can download I Am Legend PDF at the end.

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Review of I Am Legend:

The story of the novel is very interesting and amazing because it revolves around the struggle for survival in a time where the world is full of deadly man-eating zombies. I Am Legend contains themes of science fiction, zombies concept, struggle and survival. I Am Legend is regarded as one of the best novels of the 20th century because of its amazing themes and creative content. I Am Legend is nominated for various awards and played a vital role in the success of its author.

Features of I Am Legend pdf:

  • I Am Legend is one of the best zombies novel written by a well known American author by the name of Richard Matheson.
  • I Am Legend is written in English language and is published in the United States.
  • I Am Legend is written under the Genre of Post-apocalyptic fiction, vampire fiction, horror and science fiction.
  • I Am Legend is published by Gold Medal Books in the United States.
  • The novel is published on date 7 August 1954.
  • I Am Legend is a very short story containing only 160 pages.

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