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There are a lot of the novels having different fiction stories and the fantasies, saying that you are not going to find a better novel other than the one we are talking about when it comes to the romance novels, and the fiction novels as well. “Like Water for Chocolate” is a very much different book from all the other books of the same genre as well. The writing style of the book is what makes it very much different from the other books. Not just this but the writer of the book is one of the most importantĀ things about this book as well. The book we are talking about is a romance book so it is obvious that the main theme of the book is about the love. The story is just like a conventional love story.

The main character around which all the story of the book revolves is a girl known as Tita. And the lover of this girl is known as Pedro. There were many difficulties between their love. Because of the family issues of both of them. There was a tradition of the family of this girl which was, “the youngest daughter cannot marry, but instead must take care of her mother until she dies.” So in order to fulfill this thing, she must have to take care of her mother instead of marrying her lover. All you need to do is just download and start reading the book in order to find all about the story of the book.

Like Water for Chocolate PDF


About Author Laura Esquivel:

The writer of “Like Water for Chocolate” is a Mexican writer. Not just a very good writer but she was a very good screenwriter and a politician as well. Which makes her work very good and worthy of reading as well.

Features of Like Water for Chocolate pdf:

  • Spanish is the original language of this book.
  • The original publication year of the book is 1989.
  • Mexico is the original publication place of this book.
  • There are 256 pages in this book.

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