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This book is written by Lorian Hemingway. One of the best ever writers of the united states. Once upon a river Is a story about a village where people gather every night. In front of the river and everyone tells about his all day. But one day suddenly women appear with a wounded child and within a minute she completely loses. And the child disappeared and peoples of that village start searching


About the author of this book Lorian Hemingway:

Lorian Hemingway is a very well-known writer of the United State of America. She was born in south Jackson Mississippi on 15th December 1951. The main point of her fame is the non-fiction novel Walking into the River. In 1992 and the second most famous book she wrote is a walk on the water. She won the conch republic prize of literature and this is one of the top awards in the United States. In the field of literature, she also works as a freelance journalist and after too many years she publishes her fiction. Book once upon a river and this book is the most famous book in the fiction genre by Lorian Hemingway.

Feature of Once Upon a River pdf:

  • English is the primary language of once upon a river:
  • The original published date is 4th December 2018.
  • Once Upon a River published by Emily’s best seller books.
  • The total pages of once upon a river are 464.
  • Lorian Hemingway is the author of this book.
  • The genre of this book is historical fiction.
  • This book was firstly launched on 3 December 2018 locally.
  • This book has more than 38 versions. Every version has different languages and some page count difference.
  • In 2019 once upon a river nominated for good reads choice awards best historical fiction.

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