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Pride and Prejudice are well known romantic novel of manners. It was written in the year 1813 by well-known author Jane Austen. The novel revolves around the story of Elizabeth Bennet who was the dynamic protagonist of the story who learns about the repercussions of instant judgments and learns a valuable lesson about actual goodness and superficial goodness. The humour of the book lies in the honest depiction of manners, marriage, education and money during the Regency era of the Great Britain empire. You can download Pride and Prejudice PDF at the end.

Pride and Prejudice PDF


Review of Pride and Prejudice:

Bennet has 5 daughters but the problem is his property will only be provided to the male heir. So his family will be destitute on his death. So one of his daughters will have to marry someone rich in order to look for the others and this is what which makes the plot of the book. The novel is all about the importance of love marriage, not with money or social prestige, apart from the pressure from her parents to look for a wealthy match for herself.

Features of Pride and Prejudice pdf:

  • The novel was written by well known English author Jane Austen.
  • The working title of the novel is First Impressions.
  • The novel was written in the English language and was published in the United Kingdom.
  • The novel comes under the Genre of Classic Regency.
  • The novel was set in Hertfordshire and Derbyshire, c. in the year 1812.
  • The novel was published by T. Egerton, Whitehall in the United Kingdom.
  • The novel was published on date 28 January 1813.
  • Pride and Prejudice were preceded by Sense and Sensibility.
  • The novel was followed by Mansfield Park.
  • The novel was loved by readers from around the world.

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