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Mar Barrow is the red queen of this book. Today’s world is divided into two different peoples one is elite class and another one is middle class and upper class but they are controlled by elite class peoples. According to the author, there are two types of people silver blooded and red-blooded. In simple words elite class has silver blood silver is the mark of possession.

Red-blooded people spend their lives under the slavery of silver peoples. Even most of the people don’t realize the slavery they do throughout the life. Mar brown a teenage girl but very sharp-minded and hardworking she born into a lower-class family. In starting years of life she thinks there is no chance to come up from poverty. But somehow she got the job in the silver palace and this job is a life-changing opportunity for her. And after working some time in the palace she learns her real power. Download Red Queen PDF at the end.

Red Queen PDF


About the author of this book Victoria Aveyard:

Victoria Aveyard was born on July 27, 1990, in the United States before this book she only writes short stories, screenplays, serial scripts, and much more stuff like that. This is her first book and this book consider one of the most successful books of her career.

Feature of Red Queen pdf:

  • English is the primary language of this book.
  • The official release date is February 10th, 2015.
  • Victoria Aveyard is the author of this book.
  • The genre of this book is Novel, Young adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction
  • The total page count in the hardcover edition is 383 pages.
  • HarperTeen is the official publisher of this book.
  • There are more than 120 editions of this book.

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