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Robert T. Kiyosaki is one of those writers who feels like that his only responsibility is to guide people through the life. Before, he had the owner to write a book like Rich Dad Poor Dad in which he discussed the ideas and motivated people and taught them how to become successful through life. He write this book Rich Kid Smart Kid for teens and their parents. Then once again he wrote a book which, this time helped the parents want to give really good education and career to their children. Basically, this book is for all parents since all of them want their children to become successful in life by getting the education and follow a path which leads straight to success. In this article, we are going to review this book and discuss in detail the ideas which Robert wants to tell. You can download the free Rich Kid Smart Kid Pdf at the end of this article.

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About the Author Robert T. Kiyosaki:

Robert T. Kiyosaki is a Japanese-American Businessman, Writer, and a motivational speaker. He is known for his work to educate people in the field of business and finance. His first book was Rich Dad Poor Dad in which he put forward successful formulas of becoming successful in life. He wants to educate people and give them the way by following which they can become successful in life financially. In his public lectures, he discusses the same ideas. Robert joined the army after his graduation from New York and is one of the veterans of the Vietnam War. After the war, he started working as a salesman in the company and later, he started his business and after many years, he became one of the most successful businessmen this world has ever seen. He also wrote Rich Kid Smart Kid, the book in the discussion.

Rich Kid Smart Kid Review and Lessons:

Just like his previous book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert tried to give the same message but this time the basic message is different. The book talks about the importance of education and how parents want to give their children the best education that is out there. Although parents are trying their best, still there are gaps which cannot be filled with even the best schooling and care. He says that parents must give financial guidance alongside schooling so that the children may know how they are going to get success in life. The knowledge is very vast these days and it is not possible for the schools to fill the gaps which are present because of the explosion of the knowledge. There is no doubt that the parents are trying their best but this education system cannot fill all that is required for their growth.

Robert said in one of his interviews that the aim of this book is to give all that important financial information which children require in order to succeed in life. Our education system intends to make our children remember whatever is written in the books of course outline but they forget to teach the most important things in life. Our children don’t need to remember all that rubbish in the course books but a true guidance which will lead them towards success in life. Our children should be taught practical and financial things and this is what Robert is trying to do that in this book. Robert tells about his dad who supported him through his life while he was very bad at school and would be a complete failure if not for his dad. His grades weren’t good either but his dad still supported him.

Robert tries to make parents understand that they should put all positive energy in their children. Only a Rich Dad’s kid will become a Rich Kid since he was taught in the right direction. Here, the rich dad does not mean rich by money but rich with knowledge and guidance. Once taken care of all these things and acted upon, we can give our children the right education and show them the right path towards success.

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