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Salem’s Lot is a horror novel from 1975 from famous American author Stephen King. Salem’s Lot is the second novel from Stephen King. The story of the novel contains a writer by the name of Ben Mears who went to the town of Jerusalem’s Lot in Maine, where he had live from age 5 to 9, only to explore that the citizens around him are vampires. Salem’s Lot is nominated for World Fantasy Award in the year of 1976 and in 1987 it is nominated for Locus Award for the All-Time Best Fantasy Novel. You can download Salem’s Lot PDF at the end.

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Review of Salem’s Lot:

In an interview, Stephen King said: from all of his novels Salem’s Lot is his favourite one. In Playboy interview in 1983, the king stated that because Salem’s Lot is his favourite novel he is planning a sequel for it, but he also stated in his website that because of series of The Dark Tower already continues the narrative in Wolves of the Calla and Song of Susannah, there is no need for a sequel. Salem’s Lot is dedicated to King’s daughter Naomi.

Features of Salem’s Lot pdf:

  • Salem’s Lot is written by famous American author Stephen King with Dave Christensen as a cover artist.
  • Salem’s Lot is written in English language and is published in the United States.
  • Salem’s Lot belongs to the genre of Horror novel.
  • Salem’s Lot is published on Oct 17, 1975.
  • The novel is published by Doubleday in the United States.
  • Salem’s Lot is available in hardcover form.
  • Salem’s Lot contains a total of 439 pages.
  • Salem’s Lot is nominated for various awards and is loved by the readers and experts from around the world.
  • Salem’s Lot is a favourite novel from the author.

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