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The Big Sleep is one of the best-hardboiled crime novels of the year 1939 written by well known American author Raymond Chandler. The Big Sleep is the first novel to introduce detective Philip Marlowe. The Big Sleep was adapted twice for a featured film in the year of 1946 and in the year of 1978. The story of the novel is set in Los Angeles. The Big Sleep is a very famous novel which covers various aspects of crimes and the abilities of detective Philip Marlowe. You can download The Big Sleep PDF at the end.

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Review of The Big Sleep:

The story of the novel is very unique because of its complexity having various characters double-crossing each other and various individual secrets which were exposed throughout the story of the novel. The title of the novel euphemism for death where the final pages of the novel refer towards rumination about: “sleeping the big sleep”. In the year 1999, The Big Sleep was selected of Le Monde’s “100 Books of the Century”. In the year 2005, the novel was selected in the “List of the 100 Best Novels” of the Time magazine.

Features of The Big Sleep PDF:

  • The Big Sleep is written by famous American author Raymond Chandler.
  • The Big Sleep novel was written in Simple English language and was published in the United States for the first time.
  • The Big Sleep belongs to the series of Philip Marlowe.
  • The novel belongs to the Genre of the crime novel and Hardboiled detective.
  • The Big Sleep is published by Alfred A.Knopf in the United States.
  • The Big Sleep novel was published in the year of 1939.
  • The novel consists of a total of 277 pages.
  • The Big Sleep is followed by Farewell, My Lovely novel.

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