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The Brothers Karamazov is a famous novel written by Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky. Dostoevsky says: “ I will die peacefully if I can finish my last novel and can express myself completely”. The novel is based on the story of three Russian brothers who vary from each other in their spirit, mind and body and represents the three parts of mankind. The novel was written from the year 1879 till 1880 in Russia, St. Petersburg. The novel was published in the form of series from 1879 to 1880. You can download The Brothers Karamazov PDF at the end.

The Brothers Karamazov PDF


Review of The Brothers Karamazov:

The Brothers Karamazov is the most complicated work of Fyodor and according to the readers, it is the greatest work of the author. Karamazov family consists of 4 brothers such as Smerdyakov, who is treated as a family servant, Alyosha, the “hero”, Dmitry, the lover, and Ivan the atheist. In this novel, Fyodor Pavlovich is a woman lover and careless father. Dmitry hates his father because he is in love with the women which his father loves and because of that he threatens his father. His father was killed by Smerdyakov and accused Dmitry of his death. The story of the novel revolves around to search for the truth. After its publications peoples like Pope Benedict, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud consider it the greatest novel in all literature.

Features of The Brothers Karamazov PDF:

  • The novel was written by Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky.
  • The novel was written in the Russian language and was published in Russia.
  • The novel comes under the Genre of Philosophical novel.
  • The novel was published by The Russian Messenger.
  • The novel was published in series from 1879 to 1880 in Russia.
  • The novel is followed by A Writer’s Diary.

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