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The Canterbury Tales is the collection of 24 different stories for about 17,000 lines written in Middle English language by author Geoffrey Chaucer from the year 1387 to 1400. In the year 1386, the author got control of Customs and Justice of Peace and in the year 1389, he became Clerk of the King’s work. At this stage, he starts working on The Canterbury Tales. The tales are presented in the form of storytelling contest by pilgrims as they travel from London to Canterbury in order to visit the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket situated at Canterbury Cathedral. You can download The Canterbury Tales PDF at the end.


Review of The Canterbury Tales:

The Canterbury Tales is incomplete work because of the death of the author. 30 pilgrims are introduced in General Prologue. Prologue believes that Chaucer’s aim was to write four stories from the perspective of each pilgrim, two each on the way to and from their place of destination which was St. Thomas Becket’s shrine. Apart from the fact that the tales are incomplete, The Canterbury Tales are considered as one of the key work in English literature. The Canterbury Tales is also open for a range of interpretations.

The Canterbury Tales PDF

Features of The Canterbury Tales pdf:

  • The Canterbury Tales is written by English author Geoffrey Chaucer in Middle English language.
  • It is basically a collection of 24 different stories by the perspectives of Pilgrims travelling from London to Canterbury under the original title of Tales of Caunterbury.
  • The Canterbury Tales comes under the Genre of Satire.
  • The story of the tales are set in the Kingdom of England at the times of 14th
  • The Canterbury Tales were published in c. 1400 after the death of Chaucer.
  • The Canterbury Tales is considered one of the classics of English literature.

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