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A lot of the biography and the autobiography books are there in the market available for you to read and enjoy them. So if you are looking for one of the very interesting and the amazing books then you are surely going to like this book more than any of the others. The Glass Castle is surely one of the most different books as compared to the other memoir books as well. Because it is having a very different content theme as well as a very different writing style as well. This book was one of the most popular books across all around the globe at the time of the release of the book.

Talking about the main theme and the story of the book. It is telling us about the poverty-stricken upbringing and the siblings of the author as well. According to the author of the book, her childhood was not an ideal childhood and their living conditions were not very good as well. The father of the author was an addict and her mother was a patient as well as an artist as well. There is a very good movie based on the story of the book as well. If you like to watch movies then go ahead and watch it. It will help you in understanding the story even better. It is having the same name as of the book. All you need to do is just download and start reading the book in order to enjoy the story of the book.

The Glass Castle PDF


About Author Jeannete Walls:

The writer of “The Glass Castle” is an American author.¬†Jeannette Walls is not only a very good author but she is a very well-known journalist and a non-fiction writer as well. She is having a very good name in the book writing due to the book we are talking about.

Features of The Glass Castle pdf:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • The original publication year of the book is 2005.
  • The United States is the original publication of the book.
  • There are 289 pages in this book.

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