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The hidden stairs are one of the most popular mysteries category books in 190s. And the writer of this book Carolyn Keene is considered one of the best writers of all time.  Because they write the most famous books in the past few decades. The government admired his service in English literature and mostly in American literature. The main character in The Hidden Stairs is Nancy teenage girl and her father is the owner of an egg farm. They live in rural are off and they go through the civil war recently.

This book is basically a follow-up book of the “Nancy Drew Mysterious Story” series. And this is the most famous series among teenagers in the 1900s era. The Hidden Star launce two times first they launched in 1930. Cause of massive demand by customers in 1959 almost after 30 years. The publisher launched an updated version of The Hidden Stair Case. The first launch book has 210 pages in the second version they publish 180 pages and the second version is a follow-up of the first version. You can download The Hidden Staircase PDF at the end.

The Hidden Staircase PDF


About the Author of this book Carolyn Keene:

The original name of Carolyn Knee is MILDRED WIRT BENSON. She was born in 1905 at LOWA she was very talented since school days. They start writing at the age of 12 mostly books of Benson is about mystery adventure. Because the main audience of Benson is teenager first income of Carolyn is 125$. From his book, The Secrete of the old Clock and that is the first book of Carolyn.

Feature of The Hidden Staircase pdf:

  • English is the primary language of THE Hidden Staircase.
  • The United States is the place of book publication.
  • The first launch date of The Hidden Staircase is 28 April 1930.
  • This book belongs to the Mystery genre.
  • Total pages of book in the first launch is 210.
  • The first publisher of this book is Grosset & Dunlap.

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