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The Huntress is one of the best selling books of 2019. Written by very well known writer Kate Quinn. The huntress is nominated for best selling book of the year award. Even the New York times consider it one of the best books in the fiction category of all time. The huntress is the story of a Russian female fighter plan pilot. She fought in a fight between Russia and Nazians and the huntress term is using for nazians in this book. and Nina was a fighter plane pilot who joins the Russian air force at the time of the battle

The Huntress PDF


About the author of this book Kate Quinn:

Kate Quinn is 38 years old American national. She was born in California on 30 November 1981. She completes his schooling in the government high school in California. And for further studies, they took admission to Boston University and complete graduation and master’s degree. In a classical voice, she wrote the first 2 novels in Russian languages. But after the successful debut, both novels are translated by different publishers in different languages. The huntress is the most successful and best-selling book by Kate Quinn. After that, she was nominated for best selling book in the fiction genre by well known online publisher good reads.

Feature of The Huntress pdf:

  • The primary language of the huntress is English:
  • This book first launches in the united states:
  • The official launch date of the huntress is 26 January 2019.
  • The genre of this book is Novel, Mystery, Thriller, Historical Fiction, and war story:
  • The huntress book has 560 pages officially but this book published on different platforms with different page counts.
  • Best novel in fiction and thrilling genre in 2019 that is The Huntress.

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