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Investment can be one of the most risky things sometimes. But having a good guidance means you are somehow going to secure your investment no matter the result of the investment. The Intelligent Investor is one of the most excellently written books on value investing. Benjamin Graham has amazingly penned down complex investment techniques in a very simple way that can even help basic investors know a lot about intelligent investment. The first part of The Intelligent Investor enlightens the basics of investment which are quite different from what readers get from most books on similar niche. Besides, the book advices the investors to go against the grain, and has also provided a great deal of evidence to support author’s claims.

Graham also has focused on the methods that gear towards long-term investments with a focus on reduction of possible lost. The Intelligent Investor clearly provides the structure required to invest in stocks as well as in bonds. The Intelligent Investor is a guide for investors that focuses why one should make intelligent investments on the basis of analytics and not sentiment. Written by Benjamin Graham, this definitive book is easy to understand and also motivates readers to get started. In addition, The Intelligent Investor has marked a major deviation to stock collection from author’s previous work. All you need to do is just download and start reading the book we are talking about and you are good to go.


About Author Benjamin Graham:

The British-American author Benjamin Graham had a unique style of writing books. He had a great command over the language. Graham was famous for his philosophy of value investing which protects investors from substantial errors and tells them how to develop long term strategies.

Features of The Intelligent Investor pdf:

  • There are 640 pages in the book.
  • The original publication year of the book is 1949.
  • English is the original publication language of the book.

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