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This is the story of a teenage girl. She lived in Los Angeles with her mother she starts college but in starting month of college she has fallen love with a drug dealer he was a classmate of Alex stern. After months of relation, she also addicted to drugs. Because of zero performance in academics and sports, she dropped out of college. But after this, her life becomes worse because she addicts to very harmful drugs she admitted. In the hospital after some months of treatment, she fell well and at this moment she decided to start a new journey towards a successful life. She got admission in one of the most famous and elite class university in Los Angeles

The Ninth House PDF


About the author of this book Leigh Bardugo:

Leigh Bardugo is an American national but she was born in Jerusalem. She completes her education at yale university and the most famous novel by Leigh bardugo is six crows. And she was nominated for many awards. The main genre of Leigh bardour is fantasy and thriller she was a 45-year-old lady.

Feature of The Ninth House pdf:

  • English is the primary language of the ninth house.
  • The officially released date of this book is 8th October 2019.
  • Leigh bardugo is the author of this book.
  • The total page count of the ninth house is 458.
  • Macmillan publisher is officially the publisher of the ninth house.
  • The genre of this book is a thriller, fantasy, fiction, paranormal fiction.
  • The ninth house won the good reads by choice awards best fantasy book of 2019.
  • This book is available in 48 different editions and every edition has a different page-count.

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