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The Outsiders is a very famous coming of age novel written by American author S.E. Hinton. The Outsiders was published by Viking Press in the year of 1967. Hinton was only 15 years old when she started working on the novel but at the age of 16, she did most of the work in the novel when she was a junior in High school. The book was published when Hinton was 18 years old. You can download The Outsiders PDF at the end.

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The Outsiders Review:

The story of the novel is very interesting, it revolves around the conflict between two rival gangs separated from each other because of their socioeconomic status. The working class was known by the name of “Greasers” and the upper class was called “Socs”. The story of the novel is told in First Person perspective by a young age protagonist Ponyboy by the name of Curtis. The major characters fot eh story are: Sandy, Curly Shepard, Timothy Shepard, Steve Randle, Keith, Dallas Winston, Johnny Cade, Darrel Curtis, Sodapop Curtis and Ponyboy Custis. The novel was adapted for film in 1983 and for a Television series in the year of 1990.

Features of The Outsiders pdf:

  • The Outsiders is written by famous American author S. E. Hinton with Robert Hunt as a cover artist.
  • The novel is written in English language and was published in the United States.
  • The Outsiders comes under the genre of Young Adult fiction.
  • The Outsiders is published by Dell Publishing and Viking Press in the US.
  • The Outsiders was published on 24 April 1967.
  • The novel is released in paperback, hardcover and audiobook format.
  • The Outsiders consists of a total of 192 pages.
  • The Outsiders is followed by That Was Then, This is Now Novel form Hinton.

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