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Treasure Island is a very famous adventure novel written by Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson. The novel presents the story of “buccaneers and buried gold”. The novel has a great influence on famous perceptions of pirates including various elements like treasure maps marked “X”, tropical islands, the Black Spot, Schooners, and one-legged parrot on their left shoulders. You can download Treasure Island PDF at the end.

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Treasure Island Review:

Treasure Island is regarded as a coming-of-age story and is popular for its atmosphere, action and characters. Treasure Island is among one of the most dramatized of all adventure novels. The novel is also serialized in a famous children magazine Young Folks from the year 1881 to 1882 under the name of Treasure Island or the mutiny of Hispaniola. Treasure Island was published in the form of a book on 14 November 1883 by Cassell & Co. The major characters of the story are Benjamin Gunn, Billy Bones, Squire John Trelawney, Captain Alexander Smollett, Long John Silver, Dr David Livesey and Jim Hawkins while the minor characters of the story are: Tom, Tom Redruth, O’Brien, Tom Morgan, George Merry, Richard Joyce, Dick Johnson, John, John Hunter, Mr and Mrs Hawkins, Abraham Gray, Captain Flint, Dogger, Mr. Dance, Blind Pew, Black Dog, Mr Arrow, Job Anderson and Alan.

Features of Treasure Island pdf:

  • Treasure Island is written by well known Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson.
  • Treasure Island is written in the English language in Scotland.
  • Treasure Island comes under the Genre of Young adult literature and Adventure fiction.
  • Treasure Island is published by Cassell and Company.
  • Treasure Island is published on 14 Nov 1883 and serialized from 1881 to 1882.
  • Treasure Island is loved for its creative work and won various awards in different years from well-known journals.

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