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Uzumaki is one of the best seinen horror manga series from Junji Ito. Uzumaki was published in the form of serial in weekly manga magazine Big Comic Spirits from the year 1998 till 1999. The chapters of the series were compiled in the form of three bound volumes from Shogakukan and were published from August 1998 till September 1999. Shogakukan in the year 2000 released an omnibus edition following by second omnibus version published in August 2010. Viz Media in North America serialized its English version in monthly magazine Pulp starting from Feb 2001 till August 2002. You can download Uzumaki PDF at the end.

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Uzumaki Review:

The story of the series revolves around the citizens of Kurouzucho, a beautiful fictional city which is destroyed by a supernatural curse containing spirals. The story of the serial originated when the author attempted to create a story about the owners of long terraced house, and he used spiral shape in order to achieve his desired length. The author believes that the horror of the story is because of its subversion of symbols which are effectively portrayed in Japanese media.

Features of Uzumaki pdf:

  • Uzumaki is written by Junki Ito a famous Japanese author.
  • Uzumaki is published by Shogakukan and by Viz Media in the English language.
  • Uzumaki was published in Big Comic Spirits magazine for the first time and in Pulp magazine in the English language in North America.
  • Uzumaki was serialized from the year 1998 till 1999.
  • Uzumaki consists of 3 volumes.
  • Uzumaki serial is directed by Hiroshi Nagahama and the music was provided by Colin Stetson.
  • Uzumaki is loved by the readers because of its supernatural and horrific themes.
  • Uzumaki is regarded as a top graphic novel of all time and is nominated for various awards.

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