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What is life? Did we ever truly understand this phenomenon or we just claim to know about it? In life, there are rich and poor, powerful and powerless, and all of some are made somehow. What are the reasons which make someone powerful and someone poor? These questions are really difficult to answer but can we know the answer to these questions? The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene is the book in which he stated some wonderful laws. Based on his knowledge of the past and present observations, he mentioned things that no one could answer. I don’t know if you will agree with the ideas in the book but still, it is worth reading. In this article, I am going to review and summarize this book. You can also download The 48 Laws of Power Pdf free at the end.

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About the Author Robert Greene:

Robert Greene is an American author and one of those who knows the meaning of life. His first book that got him success was The 48 Laws of Power. After this book, he became one of the most prominent authors who write about power, strategy and other important matters in life. Are we really looking at life for what it really is? His first book, the one we are talking about, became the best seller of the year with more than 1.2 million copies. Some other of his best sellers include The 50th Law, The 33 Strategies of War, The Art of Seduction, and Mastery. He is also a motivational speaker who has changed the several lives by teaching them the truth of life. We are blessed to have geniuses like Robert Greene. Let us now review and summarize his The 48 Laws of Power.

The 48 Law of Power Summary pdf:

If we start talking about all 48 laws, it could take us the whole day. In this summary, I am going to mention top 5 laws from the book. The rest is up to you that you read it and learn more about power from the book.

The 1st is never to outshine the masters. This means that while you are trying to impress your superiors, don’t go too far. Don’t make them grow sick of you and take care of your limits. Don’t expose yourself too much in front of others. Always keep a moderate and balanced behavior. Sometimes, we try to get over the edge in trying to show our skills. What if you are a liability to your master? He needs to survive and want to remain the master. Why would he risk letting you ahead of him? People need to understand this.

The 2nd law is about putting too much trust in the friends. Remember, doesn’t matter how good your friends are, it is possible that they might leave you for their good. Also, keep your enemies closer so that you can know their weaknesses. Never be unaware of your enemies otherwise, you are a drowned man.

The 3rd law talks about hiding your important intentions and emotions. Remember, no one is truly your friend. Don’t expose your plans to anyone unless you have executed them. Everyone in this world is trying to compete for each other and in this game of power, you might lose if you are not careful. Make the best of plans and make sure that you execute them. Let your actions sing songs of your success. You don’t need people to become successful in life. Keep your friends closer but enemies, keep them closer ever more.

Some say that only say important things. Others think that we should say whatever we want. But the 4th law in this book disagrees with all of them. Why tell and expose everything you know? Wouldn’t it be dangerous saying all those things living among the world of competitors and jealous people? Let people think that you know very less and they can underestimate you. Once you are successful in this endeavor, you can beat anyone in this race of life. Keep quiet and continue learning from the surroundings and people. They are the best teachers because this is where you live.

The 5th law is one of the most important ones. It takes a great work to make your repo. Now it is even difficult to keep it among the people. Reputation is everything sometimes because people know you for something and you can’t lose it. Once you have lost your repo, the life becomes the hardest of challenges. Do whatever in your power to build and keep your trust with the people. They are never going to trust you once you have lost your trust. So make sure that you keep that trust you made no matter at what cost.

You can read the more detailed summary below from the 48 laws of power summary pdf.

The 48 Laws of Power Pdf Review:

Though there are 48 laws in this book which are great about life. What did anyone really understood what Robert Greene wanted to imply? What was the reason behind this book? Doesn’t matter if you didn’t get that first. I am here to tell you an important note here. Robert Greene gave a connection and explanation of the connection between powerful people before and now. They all become powerful going through the same rule of law. Though in this democratic world, the form of the power is different. But still, there are powerful men who control the world. This democratic world isn’t truly democratic. Now, these are the 48 rules stated which are the key to reaching that place. This might not seem true or possible at first, but when you in its depth, things start getting clearer and you get that.

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