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The habits we have to make and break us in our life and it is very important for us to develop good habits in order to become successful in life. This is a universal fact which is explained very well in this book called The Power of Habit which is written by Charles Duhigg and it covers the ideas of habit creation and reformation. Today, we are going to review this book and also providing you the free The Power of Habit Pdf at the end of this article.

The Power of Habit Pdf


The Power of Habit Review:

The first section of the book discusses the habit loop which is a neurological pattern and it serves as the major reason how a habit is formed or broken. The book discusses that it is all a matter of practice of various things which we do in our daily life which become a habit. If we utilize this power in a positive way, we can benefit from this a lot.

On the other hand, we follow this neurological pattern negatively, we are definitely going to form bad habits which are going to hurt us in the long term. The book also talks about three important elements which serve as the key to habit formation including a cue, a routine, and a reward.

So if you want to develop a good habit, make sure that you choose a time for doing it a little and then repeat the same thing every day at the same time as long as it becomes a habit. Don’t forget to download The Power of Habit e-book from our site.

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