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Paulo Coelho, Oh! What a Genius he is. These were the first words that came out of my mouth when I finished reading The Alchemist. Never in my whole life had I read a book like this. It took me just a day and a half to complete the book. When I first started it, it got me and then I didn’t stop reading until I was finished. And that is the genius of Paulo. He shares a beautiful story in which you think about having fun only. But at the end, you end up learning 100 lessons of life. He teaches you what life actually is when you try exploring it. A story of a shepherd boy who sat out on a journey where he learned things he won’t ever forget. Get free The Alchemist Pdf at the end of this review.

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The Alchemist Introduction:

The Alchemist probably is the best work of Paulo Coelho and one of the best ever. You can estimate the success and demand of this novel by the number of languages it has been translated. It was first put out in 1988 by Paulo and then later, it got translated in about 67 languages. The original language in which it was written is Portuguese i.e. Paulo’s native. By the time 2009, it completed its translation into 67 major languages in the world. A journey of a young shepherd who takes on a journey when he dreams of a treasure in his dream. He ends up learning a lot of important things about life on his journey. This book made many world records that are registered in Guinness Book of the world records. The record of most sold translated book and also one of the most sold books in history.

About Author Paulo Coelho:

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian book writer and philanthropist who is known for his amazing novels. Some of his books made a lot of world records. Among his most sold books are The Alchemist, Eleven Minutes, the Pilgrimage, and Adultery. He has received a lot of international awards for authors and Crystal award by WEF is one of them. The book we are talking about today is his most successful book ever. The Alchemist sold over 200 million copies and is still selling after all these years. No Portuguese writer has sold more than Paulo Coelho which is his top achievement. He is known for his unique style of teaching things through his novels. He plots a beautiful story from which we learn a lot of lessons while enjoying the story. The Alchemist is one of those books that has the same ability to teach things through storytelling.

Paulo Coelho was born on 24th August 1947. The first school he attended was a Jesuit school. From his childhood, he always wanted to become a writer. His family didn’t respond well to his desire and her mother said that if he really knew what it took to be a writer. I guess that he had in his instincts that what it really took. The masterpieces such as the Alchemist are the best example of that natural talent of writing in him. People in his family were quite strict on the religious matters and they were catholic. But the great man described their behavior as something good for him. He mentioned that by that behavior, his parents always wanted something good out of it. Men with such great positivism end up grown like Paulo Coelho. He is the one whose words enchant the heart of his readers.

The Alchemist Pdf Summary:

Santiago is a young shepherd without any great ambition in his life. All he did was wandering around with his cattle on the grass by the church side. He never thought that one day he will be embarking on an adventure that will change his life. Nothing important occurred to him during his normal life. But one day he has a dream that changes his life. He dreams of a child who tells him that there is a treasure hidden somewhere near the Pyramids in Egypt. Who would believe such a dream because treasures are things that men mostly dream of? However, an old woman tells him that this is not an ordinary dream but a prophetic one. He has to follow the path that was told to him in the dream. And this became the reasons for a journey that completely transforms the life of Santiago.

After all these events with the old woman, Santiago is confused about what should he do now? He has never been out of this place and now suddenly has to move. Then he meets an old man who calls himself the King of Salem. This is the place where Santiago gets his directions. He tells him about everything and how he should leave the place. He tells him that to get the vessel he will need some money and also gives him two mysterious stones. If not for this man, Santiago may have been left at the place and could have never pursued his dream.

In a new city after his travels, he runs out of money. There he meets a merchant who is willing to give him a job. He is a Muslim and his ambition is to collect enough to travel for pilgrimage. Santiago starts working with him and discovers many things about the place. He learns many things from the merchant. He collects a lot of money and has a new thought. He thinks whether he should return back to his place since he has the money now or should he continue pursuing his dream. At last, he makes the decision of continuing the journey towards his dream.

On his way to the Pyramids while was is with a new group of companions, he meets Fatima. She is young and beautiful and Santiago falls in love with her. They meet and talk about many things. Santiago tells her about his journey and his dream. They spend a good time together and Santiago now has a new thought. He thinks of stop pursuing his dream and marry with Fatima. He wants to travel to her city, marry her, and start a new life. And then again he couldn’t do it because his ambition was still hanging these. So he leaves Fatima and continues his adventure.

He then meets an English man who guides him towards the Al-Chemist. He is a strange man who will finally show Santiago the path towards his destination. He learns many things about his journey. Santiago finally moves towards the final step of moving towards the pyramids. There he finds a treasure box. When he opens it, his heart stops of astonishment. What he was thinking and what did he find? I think I won’t be revealing this secret here. So get the book and find out yourself.

The Alchemist Characters:


The protagonist of the story Santiago is a young shepherd with no ambition in his life. All he knows is to wander around with this cattle and then return home. He takes his food, sleeps, and then the next day embarks on grassy lands with her cattle. He has never thought of doing something else with his life. Though he is a little bit enthusiastic sometimes but not so much. However, one day a dream changes his life. At first, like most of us would do, he thought of his dream as something he should care about. But then a woman tells him that his dream is prophetic and he should follow it. After that, he embarks on a journey to find the hidden treasure somewhere in Egypt. He learns a lot of his journey and what he does find at the end? Read it yourself.

The Old Woman:

This woman took the story to where it went. If not for her, that ignorant boy would never have known the meaning of his dream. He could have forgotten about it maybe after thinking few days. The old woman, who is a fortune-teller, tells him that this is not an ordinary dream. He should pursue it because the dream is prophetic. He means to have a treasure and the dream was no joke. It is the time that he embarks upon the journey that has been foretold in the dream. After listening to the old woman, Santiago decides to set out on the journey of his life. This journey would change his life and give him a whole new meaning of it.

King of Salem:

This man is one of the most important characters in the story. He helps Santiago to overcome the difficulties that he was going to face on the journey. He shows him the way. He is an important figure from the Old Testament and would play the most important role in the progress of Santiago. Though he would never reveal his real identity but he is going to play his role.

Crystal Merchant:

At Tangier, when Santiago ran out of money, this man played his role. He is an ordinary man with a family and the biggest he want to achieve in his life is to perform the pilgrimage. He is making money out of his trade and saving it up to make the journey. In his shop, Santiago earns some good money and at a point feels that this is it. He has money and now he can return to his city and live his life peacefully. But how could he have done that? His ambition is quite different now. Plus, the time spent with the merchant motivates him to continue the journey. The part of crystal merchant is important because that is the point where the journey could have ended. But instead, Santiago chose the right thing to do.


This man is the title of the novel. The novel’s title character. An unnecessarily learned man, he inhabits the desert garden and can transform any metal into gold. The chemist helps Santiago make the voyage from the desert spring to the Egyptian pyramids.


An excellent Arab young lady who lives in the desert garden. Santiago finds Fatima filling her water container at one of the desert spring’s wells, and he begins to look all starry eyed at her. She underpins his journey, despite the fact that it will remove him from her. Fatima speaks to intimate romance, benevolent and unrestricted.

The Alchemist Pdf Review:

There are no words competent enough to describe the beauty of this book. There are a lot of things about life that you learn in this book. One of the most important things is to find your ambition. For all of us, there is a treasure hidden somewhere. All we have got to do is to use our instincts and find it. Times can be hard on but we can’t accept that as our fate. We need to step up and continue searching for fighting for the truth. Every person that’s born here has got something special. It may take a while but it has to come out and people will see his potential someday. The things that the boy learns on his journey is the treasure that was meant to him. He never sought an ambition. He thought that riding his cattle in the grass is what’s meant for him.

A dream makes him realize that he should stay here forever because there is a treasure out there for him. He needs to set out on a journey that will open up secrets he could never learn with cattle. Of course, there are omens that would show him the way. They could come in any form and he needs to recognize them. The greatest line from the book is meant for all of us. It is “When you really want something, the universe conspires in your favor”. So what do we need to do? We should never set back and let things happen to us. Never stop the search to find your ambition in life and always try to achieve it.

Download The Alchemist Pdf Free:

This book must not be very expensive. Also, it is so famous that is must be available in every bookshop. Still, if you are unavailable to get the book then you can download the free The Alchemist Pdf via the download button below.

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