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A Man Without Qualities is a novel by Austrian writer, Robert Musil. The novel has 3 volumes and it is also saved in many drafts. It is considered unfinished since the writer passed away before finishing the drafts. According to literary experts, this is one of the most significant novels of the 20th-century relation to European literature. In the end, download A Man Without Qualities Pdf free.

A Man Without Qualities Pdf


A Man Without Qualities Summary:

The story of the first book revolves around Ulrich who is a mathematician. He is looking for the meaning of life and the reality of things around him. However, he seems to get nowhere and he is thought of as the man without qualities because he is quite indifferent towards life. Another character in the story is a guy who is a rapist and a murderer. He has been accused of killing a prostitute. Ulrich has a friend whose wife is also an important character in the book since her thoughts have an effect of Ulrich. He becomes part of a campaign in which he is involved in the celebration of the emperor of the country and his long reign. During the year, chaos erupts in the country and Germany takes over and rules the country for the next 30 years. The last book mentions his sister who is very close to him. They both consider themselves soulmates and are actually in a sexual relationship.

A Man Without Qualities Review:

It is quite an interesting book which focuses on the struggle for the meaning of life and discovery of the truth about life and its many aspects. There is also irony in the book about the way things are in the constitutions and the way they are in real life. The book is quite long and is filled with many ideas to focus on.

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