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Mercy is a story about the slavery system and how this curse destroys any nation. Still many of us going through this system the only difference is the procedure of the slavery system was upgraded. Now you can see millions of peoples caged in own mind slavery some of them in family slavery system. In the 1680s slavery, the system is at its peak.

America and Africa is the base of this crime but that time this thing is not a crime according to history slavery system is fashion and peoples feel proud after buying any salve. Jacob Vaark an American businessman tourist who loves to travel around the world and experienced different kinds of adventure during the tours he also maintains his business. So the story begins when he was on the tour of Africa and in Africa, he has to collect some money from traders. One of them is in a financial crisis so he cannot pay Jacob Vaark’s debt so he gives a slave to Jacob and a little black girl. You can download A Mercy PDF at the end.

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About the author of this book Toni Morrison:

Toni Morrison was born on February 18, 1931, in Lorain, Ohio, United States, and died on August 5, 2019, in Montefiore Hospital, New York, United States. She writes many books on different genres, especially on the historical genres.

Feature of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them pdf:

  • English is the primary language of this book.
  • The official release November 11, 2008.
  • Toni Morrison is the author of this book.
  • The genre of this book is African-American literature Historical Fiction.
  • The total page count in the hardcover edition is 167 pages.
  • Knopf Publishing Group Books official publisher of this book.
  • There are more than 75 editions of this book.

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