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Among the seven planned books in A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Storm of Swords is the third book also written by George R. R. Martin. In the lineage, it comes after A Clash of Kings which we have already reviewed our site. If you want to continue reading this series, get A Storm of Swords Pdf right now from our website. We shall move ahead and review this book alongside providing the free A Storm of Swords e-book for you guys.

A Storm of Swords Pdf


A Storm of Swords Summary:

The story of this book takes places in four different places including King’s Landing, The North & Riverlands, on the wall, and across the narrow sea. In the North and Riverlands, Catelyn Stark has agreed to let Jaime free in exchange for her daughters which are being held in King’s Landing. So she assigns this task to Brienne of Tarth.

On the other hand, Stannis has lost the battle of Blackwater Bay and Davos Seaworth has done his job of escorting his lord back to the Dragonstone. However, Stannis Baratheon is angry over the defeat while the red woman Melisandre is still ruling over his mind.

Across the narrow sea, Dany learns that she can buy large armies in the Slaver’s Bay so she changes her direction towards that area and finally gets her army of the unsullied.

A Storm of Swords Review:

As you progress through the story from A Game of Thrones to these later books, it only gets better and better. If you have watched the show, you would already know this fact and this is one of the reasons why A Storm of Swords holds a rating of 4.4 on the Goodreads. If you are unable to afford the hardcover, you can download A Storm of Swords e-book from our site.

Download A Storm of Swords Pdf Free:

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