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A Feast for Crows is the 4th book in the saga of A Song of Ice and Fire which is the series of fantasy novels by the American author George R. R. Martin. The series starts with A Game of Thrones and A Dream of Spring will be the seventh and last book in the series. If you want to continue reading it, download A Feast for Crows Pdf right now from our site. We shall now move ahead and review this book and tell its story.


A Feast for Crows Summary:

The prologue of this book takes place in the Old town which is a city in the books where the Citadel exists. It tells the story of a young apprentice who stole valuable things and he dies later of poisoning. In King’s Landing, Cersei is furious over the death of her father Tywin Lannister who got killed by his own son Tyrion Lannister.

Also, she starts negotiating with the Iron Bank of Braavos to get some loan to fund her Kingdom. In the Riverlands, Jaime’s negotiation with Tully fails and when they do not bow down to the crown, he is forced to attack them and earn their loyalty with fear. In the Vale, the schemes of Little Finger and Sansa continue who desire to get rid of Sansa’s aunt.

Arya Start, when she reaches across the narrow sea, joins the Assassins called the Faceless Men and start training with them to become a ‘No One’.

A Feast for Crows Review:

This book is also full of suspense, drama, chaos, and betrayal. The war of the five kings has ended but the things get more complex as more incompetent people start to rule the seven kingdoms. A Feast for Crows has a rating of 4.1 on the Goodreads and also got nominated for the Hugo and Locus Award in the Best Novel category.

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