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Adultery is a book written by Paulo Coelho who is a Brazilian writer, quite famous all around the globe. The books basically revolve around the theme of adultery. The book was released in English and Portuguese. Get Adultery Pdf free download at the end.

Adultery Pdf


Adultery Summary:

The book follows the story of a journalist who is in her thirties. Her life seems perfect to everyone else around her since she has a complete family with obedient kids and a loving, wealthy husband to fulfill all her needs. She, herself, is an accomplished journalist and has nothing to complain about. However, she feels bored of the same old routine of her daily life and she feels a rush of excitement in her routine led life when she meets one of her past lovers by the name of Jacob.

She indulges in an adulterous relationship with him and discovers the passion in this form of love. She realizes that this love is impossible and she has to struggle to find redemption for finding passion in extramarital affairs that she deeply enjoys.

Adultery Review:

The book is written by Paulo Coelho. The book was published in three languages namely Spanish, English and Portuguese. The English version was published by Knopf in America in 2014. After its release, this book made its place in the Amazon’s best selling fiction book rank. The story touches on the themes of feeling like your life lacks purpose and feeling boredom despite having what most people would kill to have. It talks about how passion can be yielded from the most unexpected of sources.

One of the excerpts from the book explains this concept better, “Ah, but I haven’t introduced myself. Pleased to meet you, my name’s Linda. I’m thirty-one, five foot eight, 150 pounds and I wear the best clothes that money can buy (thanks to my husband’s limitless generosity). I arouse desire in men and envy in other women. And yet, every morning, when I open my eyes to this ideal world that everyone dreams of having but few achieve, I know the day will be a disaster.”

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