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Paper town is a novel by John Green which is primarily based on the story of a young boy named Quentin “Q” Jacobsen who is searching for his friend who was her neighbor while in his childhood. From his childhood, he left love for the word and now while she has moved on, he has to find her. His friends are also helping him in the quest. Will Quentin be successful in finding his lost friends? To know that you will need to read this beautiful novel written by John Green. The novel was released in 2008 and its reading target was adult readers primarily. However, teens who are below 18 can read too. The novel gained much success due to the beautifully written story and a movie with the same name was also made based on the novel. You can download the free Paper Town pdf at the end.

Papers Town Pdf


About the Author:

This man is everything you can name. He is an author, vlogger, writer, producer, director, editor, stunt performer and much more. John Green or John Michael Green is an American author who is known for his great work in many fields written above. He is probably one of the most talented people in America. He primarily gained success from his novels including The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Town. He was one of the people who featured as 100 most influential people in the Time Magazine list of 100 most influential people of the world. He has a unique way of writing the books that makes his books worth reading. The stories he put in his books are simply awesome. Paper Town is one of his most successful books which also got its movie with the same name. Let us now review the book.

Paper Town PDF Summary:

The story is about the young boy named Quentin and his childhood neighbor and love Margo. They both grew in the same neighborhood, studied in the same school and got into an accident that led to a relationship about which they never realized. Quentin always loved Margo which she never realized. The main story of the novel kicks off when they get into a trouble because of Margo. One day she suddenly visits him and asks him to help her in getting revenge from his ex-boyfriend. This dead body got them into a trouble which they never realized would bind them in a relation which will lead to exciting things in the book. Margo is one of the most beautiful and popular girls in the school and many boys are after her. Although she never gives them enough attention, she has to face their awkward face every day.

After all their adventures in the childhood and school, Margo leaves the town and Quentin hardly have clues of her whereabouts. However, still he has few clues to pursue her and he does that with the help of his friends. Margo intentionally leaves him a few clues which he follows to find her and part 2 of the book is spent in the same adventure. The leads she left for him are, however, false and during the same time, high school ends, which makes it even difficult to follow the leads. Now with the help of his friends and with a bit of luck, he continues the search and finally, they find something which will eventually lead them to the girl. Did he get successful in his quest? Get the free Paper Town pdf at the end of this book and know what happened in the story ahead?

Paper Town Review:

If you are a fan of love stories but you are also looking for some adventure along then this book is perfect for you. The storytelling, characters, and a lot of things are so perfect about this book which shows the genius of John Green. The book is a beautiful blend of love story, adventure, and the situations which makes this book the perfect one for you. The story of a young boy, who wants to find his lost friend whom he always loved and all he has now are a few clues which aren’t enough to find her. The book is all about the curiosity of the young man who has to find his lost love at any price. There are a lot of things in this book to learn about life. The adventure is simply amazing. Plus, the beautiful examples of love and friendship are being set in the book.

Download Paper Town Pdf Free:

If you unable to find the hard copy for this book then don’t worry. You can download the free Paper Town pdf to have the soft form both on your laptop and Android smartphone. Read it anywhere you want and have some fun. If you liked this article then don’t forget to leave us your feedback. Also, do visit our homepage for more free books and reviews.

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