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While we don’t cover a lot of books from genres like ghost story and horror on our site, we felt like our readers deserved to know about Anna Dressed in Blood. This is one of the finest horror novels ever written whose author is Kendare Blake. If you want to start reading it right now, make sure that you download Anna Dressed in Blood Pdf right now from our website. We shall now move ahead and share the story of the novel’s success.

Anna Dressed in Blood Pdf


Anna Dressed in Blood Review:

One of the reasons why Anna Dressed in Blood holds a rating of 3.9 on the Goodreads is because of its amazing horror storyline which is much more than just a horror story. It is the story of a guy who has inherited the art of killing people as a profession from his father and now he seems to be stopping at no cost.

Though most of the characters are dark and you be in for a ride which you won’t believe is happening. The transition of a killer from a murder machine to someone who is obsessed with killing the ghost his father couldn’t is just amazing. It was one of the top 5 young adult fictions ranked in 2011.

Anna Dressed in Blood Summary:

Anna Dressed in Blood is the story of Cas Lowood who has the thirst for killing people. He inherited this trait from his father who also had the urge of killing people. However, one of his father’s failures was that he couldn’t killed a mysterious ghost of someone he killed long ago and then ghost ended up killing him. Now Cas Lowood’s journey is about finding this mysterious ghost and put an end to the story.

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