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We have provided a lot of information about young adult fiction novels on our site. Today, we are going to cover another of those which is called Code Name Verity. This novel is written by Elizabeth Wein and it got published in 2012. It is a historical fiction which is set in World War II which represents one of the most horrifying times in the world’s history. To get the book, download Code Name Verity Pdf right now from our site. We shall now move ahead and review this book alongside its summary.

Code Name Verity Pdf


Code Name Verity Summary:

As far as the story of this fictional novel goes, it is set in World War II and tells us about the relation of two women who are from England and Scotland. Both of these women are friends and their relationship is the main focus of the story and expresses how they stick together even through the worst of circumstances.

The story of the book starts when the English friend who is a pilot crashes the plain in the enemy area and her spy friend from Scotland gets captured by the Nazi Army. The enemies capture the spy and later, they force her to write about the British war effort.

Well, she does decide to write but it is in the form of the novel. A very interesting story is waiting for you to read ahead to get the Code Name Verity e-book right now from our website.

Code Name Verity Review:

As far as the reception of this book is concerned, it is rated 4.1 on the Goodreads based on thousands of votes. Also, it got shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and many other awards. The book was received very well by the readers and critics and ended up gaining mostly positive reviews. If you can’t afford the hardcover, you can download the Code Name Verity Pdf from our site.

Download Code Name Verity Pdf Free:

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