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Antigone in Greek mythology is the daughter of Oedipus or his mother Euryganeia or Jocasta. She is the sister of Ismene, Eteocles and Polynices. Antigone name means as in the case of masculine equivalent Antigonus, someone worthy to be his parent or in the place of someone’s parents. You can download Antigone PDF at the end.

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Review of Antigone:

Antigone is a famous tragedy novel written by Sophocles. The novel is very old and historical it is assumed that it was written before 441 BCE. From the three well known Theban Plays Antigone comes on the last one in the plays but Antigone is the first one to be written from all the three plays. Antigone expands on the Theban legend which predates it. The story of the Antigone starts from the place where the story of the Aeschylus Seven Against Thebes play ends. The theme of the Antigone contains the right of the individual to refuse society’s infringement for her freedom in order to perform a social obligation. Antigone is a very famous novel and is very popular for its themes of laws and civil obligations.

Features of Antigone pdf:

  • Antigone was written by Sophocles.
  • The novel comes under the series of Theban Elders.
  • Antigone was written before the two other plays but it comes in the last.
  • The major characters of Antigone are Fist messenger, Second messenger, Leader of the Chorus, Century, Tiresias, Haemon, Eurydice, Creon, Ismene and Antigone itself.
  • Antigone is thought to be written before 441 BCE.
  • Antigone was premiered in Athens.
  • Antigone was written in Ancient Greek language.
  • The novel comes under the Genre of Tragedy.
  • Antigone is loved by readers from around the world and was translated into different languages.
  • Antigone is adapted for films.

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