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King Lear is a famous tragedy written by William Shakespeare. King Lear revolves around the story of a king who bequeaths his power and land to his two daughters after they declare their love for his father in a very unusual manner. In the story the third daughter does not gets anything because she cannot flatter his father like her other two sisters. Soon his father came to known that he had made a mistake by giving his daughters his wealth and power. You can download King Lear PDF at the end.



Review of King Lear:

The king eventually becomes tenderly reconciled towards his third daughter, before tragedy strikes her and then her father. The novel is derived from Leir of Britain who was a mythological pre-Roman Celtic king. King Lear has been adapted much for motion pictures and stage, with the title role coveted by the most well-known actors of the world. King Lear is loved by most of the readers from around the world because of its creative content and themes of tragedy. King Lear was started in the year 1806 and ended in the year 1864.

King Lear PDF

Features of King Lear pdf:

  • King Lear is written by the famous William Shakespeare.
  • King Lear started in 1806 and ended in 1864.
  • The novel was adapted for 1623 in First Folio.
  • King Lear revolves around the story of an unfortunate king.
  • The novel represents the decision of the king about distributing his wealth and power among his daughters.
  • King Lear is loved by the readers and was adapted for various serials performed by well-known actors of the world.
  • The novel is nominated for various awards and is adapted for films and theatres.
  • The novel was written in simple English language.

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