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A lot of the stories and a lot of the story books are there in the market available for you to read and enjoy them. But some of these books are just special ones, saying that it is going to be one of the very special book and story will not be wrong. The lord of the rings is one of the most interesting and the most renowned series’ as well. The book we are talking about i.e. The Return of the King is the third and the last one of the trilogy. The book is going to tell us about the story after the second part of the book and it starts from a place known as Kingdom of Gondor. This book is also having two parts or is sub-divided into two books just like the first two books of the series.

This kingdom of Gondor is going to be attacked by the Dark Lord Sauron. The stroy in this book starts with an arrival of the Gandalf and Pippin within the Minas Tirith in the kingdom of Gondor. This city is one very special city and there are many reasons behind it being. This city is having seven level in it and there is a Tower of Ecthelion high above the Pelennor Fields as well. A lot of the adventures and thrills are waiting for you in the book to read and enjoy them. Download the book from the given link and start enjoying it right now.

The Return of the King PDF


About Author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien:

The author of the book is an English author. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien is one of the best authors in the history. The book we are talking about is one of his most interesting books for sure.

Features of The Return of the King pdf:

  • The original publication year of the book is 1955.
  • There are 416 pages in the book.

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