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Who has not heard the name of William Faulkner? He is one of the greatest Novelist in the history of literature. The books he has written are a massive addition to the literature. His books are still read by people and they love these books. One of the novels he has written is As I Lay Dying pdf. This novel is considered as one of the greatest in the history of American Literature. There are some very interesting facts about this novel according to William. One of the facts is that he wrote this book in few weeks after working 4 am. Due to the job he had, he couldn’t write at day time and that’s why he had to write at night. But as we know, many great things in history were achieved after great minds were put to work late at nights.

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As I Lay Dying is a novel written by William Faulkner who was an American Novelist. He wrote many master pieces. He wrote novels, stories, and essays. His work has greatly served the literature and his books are still read by people. Though all the book he has written are good but As I Lay Dying is a master pieces. It is considered as one of the great books in the literature. This book was a result of work Faulkner did by sacrificing his sleep. He would not sleep at night and write this book after 4 am. Due to the fact he was doing his job, he couldn’t manage time for writing at day time. That’s why he had to write this book by working at night. For all the work he did, he left a master pieces that will forever be read by people.

About Author William Faulkner:

William Faulkner is one of the greatest novelists in the history of American literature. The novels he wrote are still considered an essence of the field. There is so much learn and a lot of entertainment in his novels. He also wrote short stories and essays that are a great contribution to the literature. He was born on 25th September 1897 and died at the age of 65 on July 6th 1962. From Oxford, Mississippi, he was also a Noble Prize laureate. Most of his writings are based on the city where he spent his childhood, Yoknapatawpha County. He was the only writer from Mississippi who won the noble prize. He won it in 1949 after years of work. He will remain in the hearts of people for his services to the field. As I Lay Dying pdf is one his master pieces which we are going to review now.

As I Lay Dying Summary:

The book follows a very interesting storyline. Addie Bundren who is the wife of Anse Bundren is sick and she is expected to die soon. Everyone in the family is suffering from grief while the drama continues in the family. Her oldest son knows that she is going to die soon and starts making a coffin since he is a well-known carpenter of the town. The other sons leave the town to take care of the business asked by their neighbors who are in 24 hours service to take care of Addie, the dying wife. The oldest works on making her coffin in front of her room and she could see that through her window. The idea of dying doesn’t make her feel very happy and her grief is consuming her rapidly. She also has very little support from the family since everyone is facing their own troubles.

While the youngest son is away from the town, she dies. The son does not like the idea of her being in a wooden thing with no air to enter. So he decides to make some holes in the coffin so her dead mother could get some air. He is in grief and young and couldn’t really understand the things happening around him. Her sister who lately got pregnant and left by the one who impregnated her, is still mourning over her loss. She seems to care less about the death of her mother. People so busy with their own lives that they couldn’t even care more when their mother died. And, that is the reality of the world today. We are all busy with earning money and material things while we have forgot completely that what we really are.

As I Lay Dying pdf Review:

There are no words that I can find in my mind to explain this novel. Everything from Drama to characters is so perfect in this novel. All the characters are very strong as per their role. Plus, the drama created by William Faulkner can only be a work of a genius. He beautifully depicted all the characters. You can conclude many things about the real life you are living. There is much that you will learn while reading this novel. Fans of Drama, if they face difficulty while finding some good books, they can refer to William Faulkner for pure drama work. You are going to read things and situations that you may never read in novels. As I Lay Dying is one of those novels that deserve to be at the shelf. I won’t wait if I were you and in case I haven’t had read it.

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