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William Shakespeare is the genius of the 16th century. The work he did in the field of literature is simply unbeatable. I have talked about many great writers and their books on this website but this man was on a next level. One of the most influential persons ever in the history of English Literature, William was the King. His books, stories, and novels are still read and admired by the readers. 4 centuries have been passed and this man is still considered the King of English Literature. The reasons of course are the amazing books he wrote, which are still among the favorites of readers. One his most famous books is Hamlet pdf, which got me to write about this legend. Today I am going to give you a quick review and summary of the Hamlet pdf. You will be able to download Hamlet e-book at the end.

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Hamlet pdf is one of the most famous novels by William Shakespeare. It is also known as the Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. It was then shortened to just Hamel and it is known this way since then. The dates for writing this book are not confirmed from the life of Shakespeare. He wrote it somewhere between the year 1599 and 1602. However, it got published on 1603. The book is considered in one of the master pieces of William and one of the best novels in the history of literature. This is due to the storyline it has and all the characters that were written beautifully by Sir Shakespeare. He is an inspiration for many great writers who are known for their amazing work in this field. Today, we are going to talk a lot about this book and the life of William Shakespeare too.

About the Author William Shakespeare:

If you are someone from the field of literature then you may not need to read this section. That’s because everyone studying English literature is familiar about Sir Shakespeare and is known as the King of the field. His books and services for this field are endless that are very difficult to describe in words. He was everything that was possible to become at that age. He was a novelist, poet, playwright, philanthropist, actor, and much more. He is considered as the best writer in the history of English literate and also the King of literature. William Shakespeare was named national poet of England. There could be anyone who would get this honor but they never could the genius of this man. He has 38 plays, 154 sonnets, and a lot of verses to his name. Many of his writing were never published but still he remained a legend.

Shakespeare always remained influential in the educational history of England. His father was John Shakespeare who was himself a well-studied man. Mary Arden was his mother who was daughter of a farmer but had much to her name. 26th April 1564 was the date which this legend came on the face of the earth. He left many grieving hearts when he died on 23rd April 1616 at the age of 52. If he had lived more, we would have much more for study. All the work did in his whole life was simply amazing that can’t be described in words. His writing were mainly based on the matters from the society. Many of his stories highlighted different social problems such as sexism, physical appearance, and religious beliefs. His pen explained everything that was being faced by the society during those times. Hats off to the legend!

Hamlet Summary:

The story revolves around a prince named Hamlet who seeks out revenge against his uncle. His uncle Claudius had killed his father now Hamlet wants to avenge his father. The story is a great tale of struggle, devotion of the Prince Hamlet who wants to expose his father’s murderer. He has to face a lot of difficulties for doing that since his uncle is an influential person. Not just did his uncle murder his father, but also seized the throne. He then married the mother of Hamlet which only added to his anger. The story of a great adventure of a prince seeking revenge is the longest novel written ever. This is also the longest novel written by William Shakespeare. Though it is very interesting, still people find it difficult to complete. This novel requires good stamina to complete since it is very long and interesting.

The story starts with the ghost of King Hamlet, who is wandering the castle. He is spotted by a number of people in the castle including watch men and the scholar. At first, they don’t recognize the ghost. Later, they come to know that it is the spirit of prince’s father who wants to tell them the truth. He tells them that he was betrayed by his brother Claudius. He did not die a natural death but murdered brutally by his brother for the throne of Denmark. Not only that, he also married his wife, The Queen and now he lives in peace. Prince Hamlet seems very angry over hearing the truth and the King makes him a promise. The promise is to avenge his death by killing Claudius and free his mother from him. But to kill him, first, he will have to expose the traitor who tool his father’s throne by betrayal.

Prince Hamlet could go mad and said everything in front of people and uncle. But, that would bring him nothing since he does not have any proof except the ghost of his father. He can’t show the ghost to people and he has no proof other than that. However, hamlet is a wise man and known how and when to act. He lives his normal life while investigating slowly each day from different people. King Claudius and Queen notices that the guy is acting very strange these days. So they hire some spies to spy over Prince Hamlet. They are none other than his own friends which he trusted. But, prince does not reveal anything for his wisdom and friends are left empty handed. Claudius also try to overhear him while talking to his daughter but fails to find out anything from the prince. He grows restless due to this reason.

After much contemplating, prince thinks of a plan. He hires a group of bypassing actors to perform a play in the way he think his uncle killed his father. He tells the complete script so that they can perform it well. He plans to expose his uncle in a way that if he is guilty, he will definitely react when he sees the way he killed the King. In this way, the prince will know that he is guilty and then he will be able to kill him. When the play is performed, it works and the Claudius is left in amazement. He can do nothing but to leave the room and pray. Hamlet rush towards his room to kill him but couldn’t do it since he was praying and he couldn’t let him enter the heaven. He thought he might enter heaven when killed while praying.

Claudius than thinks of a plan to get rid of prince but he couldn’t find any. However, he suggests that prince should be sent to England for study purposes. In this way, he will get rid of the prince who wants to murder him and is going mad over the thought. On the other hand, Prince paves the way for his departure in a more dangerous way. When he goes in his mother chambers to meet her, he finds someone lurking behind the bed. Mistaking him for Claudius, he shoves the sword through the fabric but finds out that it was not the King. Instead, it was Polonius the servant. The prince then gets in danger when Claudius order for the banishment of hamlet from the country. Worse, he order that the prince should be killed for the charge of murder and prince is left with no choice but to elope the place.

On the other hand, Polonius’s children go mad over the death of their father. They also want to avenge their father’s death and think that Claudius killed him. But Claudius explains them the whole incident and they change their mind. Prince while traveling to hamlet, is attacked and loses his ship. He has to get back to the country because he cannot travel without the ship. Polonius’s children are also angry over the death of their father and want to murder him. Now there are 2 more people who seems hungry for his death. Claudius makes a plan to trap the prince and murder him with the help of these two mourners. Could they manage to kill the Prince? Did the story end with poetic justice or not? You can know the rest by reading the book or you can also watch Prince Hamlet play on the internet.

Hamlet pdf Review:

I normally read novels and am able to give a good analysis of them. However, I seem to run out of words and can’t compile them to explain the genius of this novel. The drama, suspense, characters, and everything that should be part of a great novel are present in Hamlet. And not just that, the story written is one of the best stories written in the history of literature. Only a man like William Shakespeare could think of such things and write a book this great. Plus, for its length, it may be impossible for other writers to go in such details. This novel would sometimes bring the tears in yours eyes and would sometimes make you laugh. Sometimes you will be in tension about what is going to happen to prince while other times feel relax knowing that he is going to handle everything that’s happening.

And that is the beauty of this book, the Drama. Doesn’t matter how long this book is, you want to keep reading and reading. A breathtaking story of a prince who was separated from his father by his cruel uncle and all just for throne. He also lost his mother when her mother married his uncle which brought him even more grief. A great tale of justice and revenge where every character written the story is very powerful. Each character has a special role to play and all of them are very interesting at their own places. Trust me this is going to be the best novel you are ever going to read. A pure genius and master piece by the legendary Sir William Shakespeare the king of Literature. I am running out of words to explain the great of this book. Buy it and read it yourself to have the fun you never had.

Hamlet Play:

Film Producers always take advantage of the greatest books written to give unforgettable movies to the film industry. Hamlet was also chosen by Kenneth Branagh as a story that was perfect to make a film. The film also got much success on the box office and became one of the best movies ever. In the film, Prince Hamlet is played by Kenneth himself while Ophelia is played by Kate Winslet. Other roles such as Claudius, Osric, and Gertrude are played by Derek Jacobi, Robin Williams, and Julie Christie respectively. The film became got much success due to the genius of Shakespeare behind the story. If you missed the movie during that era, then you can watch from the link below.

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