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The tale Cheese is a piece of work of Willem Elsschot, this name was pen name the real name was Alphonsus Josephus de Ridder. He became famous in Flemish Literature because of his work. He was the writer of twentieth-century. This book cheese is a very interesting reading stuff. His many books have been translated into English. In the end, download Cheese Pdf free.

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Cheese Summary

This is a story about Frans Laarmans, a clerk at a shipyard. He is at off days, probably informed at the office that is not well but actually, he is finding himself a cheese merchant. People in his office are very glad without his presence and describe it like the environment in the office feels good and better since Frans is on holidays. Frans as being a clerk has a low profile in the society. So to maintain the stability he wants to open his own food space. One of his brothers’ friend arranged for him to take the delivery of 20 tons of Edam. His struggle is for how to complete his task as he hates cheese not only as a food, but the name cheese never pleases him. So he tries to find a merchant to complete his task to put his rank high in the society.

Cheese Review

This novel “Cheese” is a very interesting novel. Full of humor and tragedy. Willem has beautifully described the class difference of our society and where it leads people to. Just to put themselves up in society people it becomes the need of people to act upon tasks. Just like Frans, people don’t respect him because he is a clerk. So to avoid that he works with cheese the thing he has hated his whole life. This book is a complete fun with a message, for those who get it.

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