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Dead Souls is a novel written by Nikolai Gogol. The novel was written centuries ago and its main purpose was to portray the faults in the Russian thinking and ways. Published in 1842, the book is a presentation of the Russian literature. The idea and story are represented by the main character named Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov. The main people mentioned in the book are the ones belonging to the middle class in Russia. In the end, download Dead Souls Pdf free.


Dead Souls Summary:

The story starts after the French invasion of the country which was made unsuccessful. However, after the incident, the social situation in the country started to deteriorate. Gogol talks about the condition of the country using satire and his book was aimed at identifying the problems and also offering the solutions to those problems. The protagonist comes to many people during the story and the situation of the country is portrayed through them. Also, he goes to a new town and tries to woo the people including the landowners and the common people.

He is apparently looking for dead souls. During that time, landowners had to give taxes on their belongings and since the census was not too common, the landowners also had to give taxes on those serfs who had died. The main character goes around wanting to buy these dead souls as he said that he needed them and it would also mean that landowners have to pay lesser tax.

Dead Souls Review:

This book is a great depiction of the situation in Russia after the unsuccessful French invasion. Quite unfortunately, the last part of the novel could not be published since the author died before finishing that. He also wrote the second novel since he wanted to make a trilogy but he later destroyed the second book before its release.

Download Dead Souls Pdf Free:

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