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Allegorical writing has been a good tool for writers to carry out an important message. There are matters in this world that can’t be discussed as in mainstream media. However, if a writer is wise enough, he/she would create a good allegory where the message can be explained. An Allegory is sometimes hard for people to understand but when they do, they appreciate it. Many times in the history, cruel people rules the face of earth. Talking against them directly is not easy. And that’s when some of the greatest Allegories were written. One of those is the Animal Farm written by George Orwell Published in England on 17th August 1945. According to the author, the Allegory is based on the Russian war in 1917. Being a big Stalin critic, Orwell went really hard him. Don’t forget to download the Animal farm e-book at the end.

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Animal Farm is an Allegory written by George Orwell in which he explains the era of Russian revolution. Times when Joseph Stalin was on a kill streak of innocent human lives. George Orwell, being a great critic of Stalin, wrote this Allegory to explain the barbarism Stalin showed. The writer described this book as a campaign against Stalin. This book was an excellent effort against a Monarch. The whole idea of Animal farm was simply brilliant. Creating an Allegory like this takes a genius mind which Orwell definitely had. He had written many books before but for him this was something special. He described this book as the one written in his full consciousness. Today we are going to a good review of the book and its summary. This will be one of the best or best Allegory you would read ever in your life.

About Author George Orwell:

George Orwell is considered as one of the best writers in history. Though, his other books weren’t considered as something special but Animal Farm was a Genius. This was a book that made Orwell a legend. The idea of presenting the cruel war in an Allegory brought a revolution in literature. He was a British Novelist, Essayist, and an Activist. Bringing awareness among the people through his pen and speech was his ambition. He lived from 1903 to 1950 and died in the age of 47. In this life, his only ambition was to bring knowledge of the cruelty of monarchs. He was also one of the great critics of his time. His words made him a legend. He was a great critic of Joseph Stalin for his war policies and being a Monarch. Read the book summary below to know was written.

Animal Farm Summary:

An award winning Boar who is the head of the animal committee calls a meeting. He tells them that he had a dream in which he saw an animal society. An animal society far away and free even from the shadow of humans. In that society, they will no longer be enslaved by humans. There will be no human oppression on the animals. The Major Boar later dies and the animals are then left in grief. However, 3 pigs they decide to fulfill the dream of their dead Major. They make a plan to execute their master who is a farmer. In the memory of their Major Boar, they kill the farmer in order to free the farm from human influence. They now start working on the betterment of the farm.

They organize some rules and regulations which must be followed by all animals. They arrange classes where young animals are taught discipline and manner of the society. They work on formulating a society where there will be peace and everyone will live in freedom. The young pigs divide the tasks. One teacher children animalism while the other educates them on other matters. In this way, they bring peace in their society. The farmer Mr. Jones comes back but again get defeated by the animals. They are now united and strong to keep their society safe from all evils.

Animal farm pdf Review:

Of all the Allegories I have read in my life, there is nothing like this one. Using animals, Orwell beautifully described the face of Russian Revolution. Being a critic of Stalin, he depicted out all the facts very well. The war is never the answer to anything. People who destroy the peace on this planet are sometimes called Heroes by people who don’t understand. This book is a great effort of explain the war and that, it brings nothing but misery and pain. People like Stalin and Hitler were adored by many people but they were nothing more than some murderers. The misery they brought in this world can never be amended. Millions of people lost their lives. But we can learn lessons from what happened in the past. There is much to learn if we have good look of the history.

I can’t stop the appreciating the effort this man put in the 20th century wars. Wars that were called revolution by some was nothing but human genocide. It should not have happened and now all we can do is mourn over it. But we can learn from our past. To bring peace in the world, there are policies that are needed to be overlooked. Maybe someday we will achieve something that is more precious and it is called Peace.

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