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Life is best learnt through reading books and experiencing it. I don’t care who said this line but it is very fine line. There are some good books that we can read to bring discipline in our life. Books help in the building of greatest characters. All the great men in history were fond of reading books. A writer’s personal experience and what he faced in his life helps us understand important things. However, Robin Sharma’s A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a book that is something else. Building characters and learning discipline through storytelling is the genius of this book. Robin Sharma who himself is a great speaker on building leadership, wrote this master piece. The first book from the edition got published in 1997 and is still helping people in the best way.

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A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is written by Robin Sharma. It is a book that helps people in development of character and leadership. If you are facing problems in life and you feel like that you need these qualities. They are not always present in a person naturally. However, they can be developed through learning and life experiences. Learning and building these qualities can be achieved by this book series written by Robin Sharma. The first book got released in 1997 and you can start from it. The book adopts a storyline teaching you many important things. You can bring in discipline and build your character through it. This book became one of the most sold books. The book got translated in more than 7 languages and got sold all over the world. Get the free A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari e-book at the end.

About Author:

Robin Sharma is the writer of this amazing book. He is an Indian-Canadian and known for his social work mostly. He is an influential speaker on the topics of leadership and self-development. He is also one of the best international best sellers. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari was the reasons behind his success. He developed a great storyline to teach us many things through the book. He is also an influential speakers and his lecture are greatly admired by people. Young people make the most of his huge fan base. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a continued series and you will more books from it. Each edition has something new about life and you are going to learn a lot. Robin is working every day to make leaders out of youth. That’s why he is loved and admired by people who have heard him.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Summary:

This book follows a fictional story. A man who is a legal advisor is facing many things in his life and he can’t understand what to do. He has spent his whole life advising a minister and to save his work. However, the minister doesn’t seem much happy from his work. Since his last advisor was a man of pure wisdom. The minister’s work was perfect during his ex-advisor’s time. His life is not as good as it should since he remained busy due to work. He couldn’t build a family worth proud and now it seems that he has nothing in life. Well, everything was not good already and then he gets caught by this disease. Weary of the life he has, he travels to India in search for peace cure.

The minister shares everything with his legal advisor and asks him suggestions. He asks him to teach his students everything that he has taught him. Seek out his work and achieve what he wanted to. The events then happen in this book are things that are worth learning. His teaching were everything he learned in his whole life. There are lessons that we need to understand to work a successful life. This is what a monk who sold his Ferrari is all about.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari pdf Review:

There certain things that we need to understand about life. How to live it and what are the tools to build it? How we can create leaders and true humans? The lessons taught by this book are priceless. They provide you a path to learn things that will help you in becoming a leader, a father and a preacher. What is our purpose in this life and how it should be lived? This book is best thing I have read in my whole life due to the things I have learned. You’re going to need a person who understands everything about this life and then you can learn more from this book. There are certain philosophies that can be only be taught by a teacher. This was one of the reasons I was confused about rating this book.

A monk who sold his Ferrari has the ability to change your life completely. You are going to learn how to judge between right and wrong. How to purify your soul and deal with this world. There are lessons that can be only learned through life experience and Robin Sharma has taught them well. This is one of the abilities of the writer. I really hope that he is going to produce more master pieces like this one and we can keep learning about life.

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