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If you really feel like reading a good mystery and thriller book these days, we hope that you haven’t read Gone Girl yet. Well, written by Gillian Flynn and published in 2012, this is one of the best mystery books ever written which made to the New York Times Bestsellers list instantly after it got published. If you want to read it for free, download Gone Girl Pdf Free from our site. We shall move ahead and do a review of the book.

Gone Girl Pdf

Gone Girl Review and Summary:

Gone Girl holds the kind of suspense we usually expect from novels or shows like Sherlock Holmes and at some points, it delivers better than that. Well, the suspense in the book really depends on your presumption whether or not the husband Nick Dunne has some hand in the disappearance of his wife. Well, it is quite easier for the readers to pick who are prone to reading mystery novels.

In one of his interviews, the author mentioned his inspiration which comes from a real-life story and thus the whole story is quite intriguing with characters following a great arch in their development. The book’s reception is quite great with a rating of 4.1 on the Goodreads. A film adaption of the book was released in 2014 starring Ben Affleck.

As far as the story of the book is concerned, it is explained from two perspectives. The perspective is of Nick Dunne himself and the latter is of his wife. Also, the first part of the book completely centers around the marriage of these two characters and all the turmoil they face.

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