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The genre of fiction is always fun to read and sells more because there could be many unexpected turns of events in each story which mesmerize the readers. One such is the example of The Round House which is a fiction book written by Louise Erdrich. This is the novel number 14 by this author. According to some experts, if we match the themes or revenge, this novel seems like a sequel to her novel The Plague of Doves. To get The Round House Pdf, click the free download link given at the end.

The Round House Pdf


The Round House Summary:

The story of the book takes place in North Dokota just like the other books of this author. It is the story of Joe Coutts who is an Ojibwe boy and is the only son of aging parents. Joe Coutts comes to learn about the brutal rape of his mother which hurts him a lot. On the other hand, in the hospital, the police are taking the statements of his mother.

His mother’s name is Geraldine and this event changes her so much that she becomes mentally disturbed and goes into a deep depression. Since she was raped just around their house, it is obvious that someone who is from around the neighborhood must have done it. All of these events lead to a storyline which you will never stop reading.

The Round House Review:

Most of the books written by Louise Erdrich are based on the themes of murder and revenge. According to the experts, since this book is also based on the same theme and the story of the book matches to that of The Plague of Doves, this book can be called a sequel and also a worthy one.

On the Goodreads, this book has scored a rating of 3.9 out of 5 after thousands of votes by the readers. Also, the book won the National Book Award for Fiction. Don’t forget to download The Round House e-book from our site.

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