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Hatchet is one of the best Honor-winning young-adult wilderness survival novel by famous American writer Gary Paulsen. Hatchet is one of the first novels in Hatchet series. Other novels of the series are The River published in 1991, Brian’s Winter published in 1996, Brian’s Return published in 1999 and Brian’s Hunt published in the year 2003. You can download Hatchet PDF at the end.

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Review of Hatchet:

The story of the novel revolves around a thirteen-year-old boy of divorced parents. The boy travels from Hampton, New York on Cessna 406 bush plane in order to visit his father in the oil fields located in Northern Canada for the summer, the pilot of the plane dies because of a heart attack. In this situation, Brian tries to land the plane but end crashing the plane in a lake in a forest. In these circumstances, Brian needs to learn to survive on his own with nothing but with his hatchet, a give from his mother when he was boarding on the plane. Hatchet is nominated for Newbery Honor award in the year of 1988.

Features of Hatchet pdf:

  • Hatchet is written by Gary Paulsen with Drew Willis as an illustrator under the title of Hatchet.
  • Hatchet is written in English language and was published in the United States for the first time.
  • Hatchet novel belongs to the famous series of Brian’s Saga.
  • Hatchet comes under the genre of the Young Adult novel.
  • Hatchet is published by MacMillan.
  • Hatchet is published on date 1st Nov 1986.
  • Hatchet is available in Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover format.
  • The first edition of the book contains 195 pages and its second edition contains 186 pages.
  • Hatchet is followed by The River.
  • Hatchet is nominated for various awards.

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